welcome to Run Your Style: all good adventures kick off with a #trainingmontage

Pre 2012 I did not run. Maybe for the tram, or out of the rain if I really had to, but I'd be puffing and hating life. It wasn't something I'd ever actively want to do. Because, seriously. Why would you? I didn't like sports. I still don't like sports. I cared about aesthetic balance, and innovation, and people who act with decorum and integrity. Flip to the back page of any newspaper (I grew up before Twitter and hashtags, ok) and you'd find aggressive ballgames and Ben Cousins going off the rails. Not my scene.

Fast forward to 2016 and I've laced up and hit the pavement more days than not. Busted out a few half marathons. Learned about anatomy and pathology and biomechanics studying physiotherapy. Come to understand that movement is an incredible medicine, for the mind as much as the body. That choosing to ignore this fact is to miss out on the myriad of benefits it offers - which go well beyond a good rig.

My catalyst for starting was stress - pure, intense, visceral. My father was dying, I'd dropped my life and moved across the country, I needed an escape route. Running became that, and so much more. Turns out it's the ultimate activity for someone who doesn't see the point of games, has high intensity thought processes and likes setting their own goals (specifically me, but fellow creatives, I'm looking at you).

Over these four years I've had peaks and troughs, but I haven't stopped, haven't had significant injury and haven't gotten over it (which, if you are or have ever been a runner will recognise as major hurdles). I've come to realise my approach to running isn't how I was led to believe it had to be. It's not a race. You don't have to be going somewhere. You don't have to high five anyone. You can just run, because it's a good thing to do.

Run Your Style is a platform born from the life-changing discovery that anyone can be a runner, for people who never thought they could, by someone who proved you can. This is inspiration without intimidation, with an aesthetic edge and scientific background, to help you run - your style.