RUNNING: eight reasons it’s the ultimate sport for people who don’t like sport

At the risk of alienating many of my peers / the physiotherapy industry / most of Australia, I have a confession to make: I don’t like sport. Blame it on being a creative, growing up with parents more likely to take me to a museum than a match, or just not being good at it – but I never really got it.

Hell, I lived in Melbourne for five years and still only saw my first footy game (the WAFL, no less) a few months ago. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s a huge part of the social fabric worldwide, that it inspires, motivates and connects people across ages and cultures, that it gets people moving on the regular, I KNOW. These are all good things. Regardless, I have very little interest in idolising, or partaking in, the apparently futile transport of a ball around a field, and I suspect I’m not the only one.

Turns out, if you take away the ball, and the getting yelled at, and the whole winning and losing thing, you’re left with something that looks a bit like running – and that I can get on board with, so I’ve sussed out eight reasons running might work for you, even if sport doesn’t:


1.    No team. Running is first and foremost a solo journey. Hit a trail, find yourself. It’s a well documented phenomenon. No group hugs, high fives or shared locker rooms required.

2.    You set the tempo, the time, the location, the soundtrack…no one else is calling the shots.

3.    There’s no uniform, and no team colours. Wear your sharpest activewear, your brother’s high school rowing shirt or your oldest, most ironic/not ironic Acca Dacca tee – it doesn’t matter. Your legs will still work.

4.    No practice calendar. Train whenever you want, however you want. You don’t have to always miss that thing on Thursday nights.

5.    It’s free. Beyond a decent pair of sneakers, it doesn’t cost anything to run. No court hire, clubroom upkeep or broken equipment fund.

6.    Transport not required. No need to stalk Google Maps for an hour to work out how you’re going to get there on time. Wherever you are, it’s there, and it’s time.

7.    No penalties, fouls, red cards, dirty defense, sitting out games or letting the team down. You could cheat, but you’d only be disappointing yourself (owch).

8.    It’s only a race if you want it to be.


Well, I’m convinced (and apparently very anti social! Promise I like people – I just don’t want to kick a ball around a field with them). Hit the RUN page to get moving, the least sporty way possible.