It's one of the most natural things you can do, but one of the hardest to understand if you don't...

So, if you run, I only ever want to know one thing:


In it for the long haul, or new to the game.
Master or novice.
Constant, or ever changing.
It's unique to everyone.
It drives us forward.
It's always about running, but it's never only about running.

Everyone has a different reason for starting, a different need to keep going.

Everyone's reason will challenge your perception, humble you, inspire you.

My reason changed my life, and continues to do so. The more I ask the people I run with, the more I've learned that their reasons do too.

It is with pleasure that I present a project close to my heart (launched at Camp Breaking2 in Monza with the invaluable collaboration of photographer Gautier Pellegrin) that celebrates the fact that running is about so much more than running, to a global community linked through a solitary pursuit.

We've shot a series of not-your-average-runspo portraits that will be released across various platforms, but I invite you - as runners who run for more than miles - to reflect, connect and show us your why.

Finish this sentence: #IRUN4...

Break it down. Write it down. Take a portrait. Join the project.

One (ish) word.
Tag @run_your_style / #IRUN4
Share your why.

Claire Mueller